Sunday, 1 July 2012

Debbi Moore Magazine - inspiration gallery winner

Really pleased to be the winner in Debbi Moore's magazine. Each page represents an issue of the magazine. Here is my entry in more detail.

The front cover

Page 1 is the Venetian collection from issue 1.

Page 2 is the Glitter and Glitz Art Deco Paris collection from issue 2.

Page 3 is the Glitter and Glitz Regency Collection from issue 3.

Page 4 is the Glitter and Glitz Diamonds and Lace collection from issue 4.

Page 5 is the Glitter and Glitz New York collection from issue 5.

And finally the view from the top as it is all together.

Almost ready to do the next 5. So keep checking back.

Thanks for looking.

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