Wednesday, 11 April 2012

WOYWW week 149

Well its Wednesday again so here goes with WOYWW. I am currently working on my Easter page in my journal.
As a family we went to Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster over Easter to do the Alice in Wonderland mirror mirror trail so i decided to do a journal page in keeping with that theme.
Here is my journal waiting to be finished.
Was colouring images last night ready to go in my journal.
Here are my promarker, hubby says i have too many....... i say not enough, lol. What do you guys think?

Happy Wednesday to you all and thanks for visiting.


  1. Tell hubby you can NEVER have too many craft supplies!

    Time for a divorce if you ask me ;0)

  2. WOW what do Hubby's know about needing markers. I usually just pass off new stuff as a new tool and don't get flack cause hubby is all about tools. Hope you have a great week. Vickie @106

  3. Don't worry, you can never have enough Promarkers - well that's my thinking anyway. I also get comments about "exactly how many shades of one colour do you need?" the answer of course, is all of them!!! I've a way to go to get the full set, but love them all. Karen 111 x

  4. of course you need to have all those colours,its a crafting requirement :)
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww

  5. My first pack of Promarkers arrived today and within minutes my beloved welder husband wanted the black one for his work. NO WAY said I, get your own.
    So today is name calling day he is the brain dead welder and I am the out of work bum artist.
    30 + years of joyfulness, I love it.
    One I Made Earlier Today
    ps. thanks for popping over.

  6. Yur journal page looks great, never been brave enough to give that a go!!! Hugs trace x

  7. That journal page looks as if it is coming along great Jacqui #112

  8. If you don't have them all, then you don't have enough markers. And even if you do have them all, you should have your favorite colors twice in case one runs out in the middle of a coloring job! The journal page looks great-wonderful colors.

  9. Journal page looks great and I love the Alice with the Octopode stamps idea! I only have about 10 Promarkers, so I am just deeply jealous.... I love the idea of how you put them together with elastic bands in colour sets!

    I have enjoyed looking at your space
    Have a good week and happy hopping!

  10. There can never be enough!! Lovely journal work.


  11. Your journal page looks like it's coming along quite nicely. Love the Alice stamp too. As for ProMarkers, I don't have a one -- but I do have the set from Stampin Up for years and years ago... does that count?

    Happy WOYWW
    36 (you've visited already)

  12. Lovely images for your journal page and your day out sounds wonderful. We all have hubbies like that at the moment.

  13. There can never be enough crafty goodies or promarkers!!!! Journal page is fab.... Hugs May x x x No15

  14. you can never have too many promarkers...copics...inks...stamps ... cards...


    Lovely work - looking forward to seeing the finished page!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Morti #4

  15. Well, I have to admit, I'm in the "never enough" school of thought on this one . . .


  16. You can never have enough pens! Take care, it's Thursday now so I'm late but I can never get through the list in one go! Love Zo xx 75

  17. Fabulous Promarkers collection and I love those stamps
    Sophie x

  18. Your journal pages are great! I must try doing one myself sometime....I find them really daunting! Big pages to fill, suppose the idea is to start small!!!