Wednesday, 13 March 2013

1st anniversary of Art Journaling.

Oh my how time flies, I truly can not believe it is only a year since i found Art Journaling. It honestly feels like it has been apart of my crafting forever!
It all started a year ago when i came across these pictures by the uber talented Kaz Hall. Please please check out her blog as she is so inspirational. 

I just loved the look of this and wanted to know more about it. So i sat and read quite a few bits on her blog and from there i found this lady.

Dyan Reaveley  and her shop/studio Art From The Heart. They were having a preview day a week or so later and it was just around the corner from a show i was already going to. So my sister in law and I went to the show (was very disappointed) and then when to AFTH. Why oh why oh why we hadn't just gone there i will never know. It was awesome, so much inspiration  it blew my little crafty brain. 

Here i am with the lovely lady herself Dyan, who is the creator of all thing Dylusional. Unfortunately Kaz was teaching and so i was unable to meet her. I did however leave the shop with these lovely goodies (and a very overflowing crafty brain).

From these small beginnings i now have these!!!!!!!

This is what my original journal now looks like.

And this is my very first page. Quote is "dare to believe and see what you can achieve"

I am now a regular art journaler and attend classes about once a month at AFTH learning all sorts of brilliant techniques from the awesomely talented Dyan. 
Since then i have also attended a couple of preview days and have finally met the lady who set me off on my art journey.

The pictures below were from the second time i met her at Christmas. She is a tad mad and an awesome malteser blower, she is also a really nice person, with a big heart and an abundance of talent.

I also now own a piece of Kaz craft, eeeeeck, still giddy and it was Christmas that she gave it to me, lol. 

The gorgeous Dyan who now sports fabaroonie red hair, love it.

Along the way i have picked up some fabaroonie friends too.
Tracy, Maralyn,, Tamsin, Gwen, Gemma and Michelle to name just a few. Michelle did the same as me and went to the show then to AFTH. I found her via a blog post and am so pleased i did. She is also a very talented lady, her ability to create texture is awesome, please check out her blog and you will see for yourself. 
Here we are at the last preview day.

Here are a few pages from my first journal. 


Here are a few of my latest pages. 

Finally i will leave you with my homage to the ladies who have guided my art journal journey. I truly am grateful to you both for the help and encouragement you have given and continue to give me along this journey. 

Thank you for stopping by today and reading my ramblings. I hope you enjoyed it. 


  1. Happy Journalversary!! You jumped right in to perfect with your pages! Here's to many more....

  2. Wow only a year, from your pages I thought you'd been doing this for ages, much longer in fact! Your pages are fab, and from you being inspired you've inspired me, I have to be in the mood to do a page but I really enjoy it when I do! Take care Zo xx

  3. What a fabulous romp through your journal and the journey you took to make it! Loved reading every word and your ar is AMAZING!

  4. I am almost where you were a year ago. I don't live close enough to AFTH to ever go there. But {and I am SO EXCITED!!!}, I am signed up for a 4-class Journaling workshop with Dyan in mid April. Thank you for sharing your art and your journey. And for your inspiration.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous journal, you were a natural from the get go though by the looks of it :)

  6. Happy Anniversary. Your first journal is awesome in itself. You were creative before you even started. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a fantastic read. I too have been ispired by Dyan for many years and have to admit, Kaz, Kate Sandy and the rest of The AFTH Design team are QUALITY.....very talented. Love your work, it is INSPIRATIONAL TOO. x

  8. Happy Anniversary lovely lady!! Wow what lovely words.....thank you so much you really have made my day!! keep up with the beautiful art pages.....truly inspiring xxx
    thankyou again
    mwah mwah mwah xx
    Kaz x

  9. It's so wonderful to read Sand, I love it, It really is our anniversary isn't it! Oh how much we've done in that short space of time, and can you believe where we are now! I keep pinching myself! It's been such a fantastic journey hasn't it. Its so nice to see all your journal pages, boy you really are bloody good ya know. I can't believe how many journal's you've got! I'm well jel! You really are a brilliant inspiration Sand and a fab crafty buddy. Love ya matey Michelle xx

  10. I forgot to mention, your crafty pile has grown immensely since your first shopping trip. I really do need to come down for a play day! Michelle x

  11. I love stories and this is a wonderful read Sandra! Here's to many more happy and arty years! x x x

  12. Lovely Story Sandra & absolutely STUNNING Pages! I love love love your heARTistry Journal Style. Thank you so much for sharing this Inspiration with us all.
    HUGS xoxo

  13. Wow, what a journey - thanks for sharing it! It seems you've learned so much in the past year AND met some amazing people along the way!

  14. AMAZING - I've only begun my art journal journey and by no means as talented as you but your inspiration leaves me hope for lots of room for improvement! Your work is absolutely stunning and your story just wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing ^_^

  15. What a lovely post! I enjoyed seeing your progress over the past year. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

  16. Kaz sent me over to say, "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY," Sandy! I just did a walk-through of the art journal pages you have created over the last year, an am impressed with your work! Dyan (for a long time) and Kaz (a more recent mentor) have inspired me, too, so you come from good "roots," but with your own twist on your pages! Congratulations and the best of wishes for many more years of art journaling!! Kay Wallace

  17. Sandra! Thanks to Kaz, I found your wonderful blog! Happy anniversary! You have so much to share! What an inspiration!!! Looking forward to more of your posts!!! ♥

  18. Hey gorgeous, your stuff is fabulous, just like you. Mwah xx

  19. What a wonderful record of your art journey. You've certainly learnt from two of the very best, though your natural talent shows through. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to popping back to visit your blog.